Ohlone Traders Outpost

The traders outpost sits nearby the ferry landing at the southernmost tip of the peninsula that houses the Ohlone reservation. A worn path leads from the docks, passing between the Outpost and the Ferry station to wind between the trees.

Built out of redwood harvested on the reservation, the traders outpost looks to have been built some time within the past twenty years. The wood is weathered, but the two story building seems to have been taken good care of over the years.

There are a few rocking chairs on the porch, often filled with the older men of the village as they smoke and talk. Furs are tacked up to the eastern and western walls when the weather is nice, curing in the sun. Various wind chimes and other decorative creations hang from the porch, taken down only during harsh storms. The building itself has been painted with Ohlone tribal designs of various meanings. Among them are: protection from demons, prosperity, peace, safety, and neutrality. Some of these designs have been empowered by Ayita to act as wards on the building. Though Neutrality is a prominent ward seen, The Outpost is NOT accorded neutral grounds.

Inside the outpost one can purchase coarse sea salt, a variety of furs, various items crafted from redwood such as furniture, bowls, utensils, and decorations, clothing, pots and pans, smoked meats, remedies and spiritual trinkets, and a variety of other things. Though the bulk of what is for sale has been created on the reservation, they also sell items found in San Francisco proper.

The outpost is officially run by Ayita, though she only oversees it. Wuyi(Soaring Turkey Vulture) and his wife Leyati (Shaped Like An Abalone Shell) are the ones who actually run the outpost. Aside from selling various goods, Leyati also cooks up meals for those patient enough to wait. Both Wuyi and Leyati can read and write english, as well as do average math. Ayita has taught any in her village who have been willing to learn, but she made it required of the couple if they were to run the store.

Some of the remedies in the store are made by Wuyi, though the bulk of them are created by Ayita. While the white folk tend to shy away from Ohlone medicine, the store makes a good central place for tribe members to go to get aid.

Ohlone Traders Outpost

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