In The Emperor's Wake

In the Emperor's Wake: Chapter 1

Next time I’ll take notes. Feel free to add anything I left out or e-mail me details and I’ll add them in.


The viewing of the body.

Dramatis Personae: (correct me if I’m wrong)
Lyons Walrond, a man of breeding (also a Wizard)
Jin Sho?
Gavin O’Donnell a gambler, local saloon fixture, and sheriff’s deputy (also a Cartomancer and apprentice to Lyons Walrond)

The public comes out to view the Emperor’s body. The morticians are very conscientious about NOT permitting people to touch the body. I remember Lyons interacting with someone but I don’t remember who. Gavin managed to cause a minor distraction as he plucked some hair from the Emperor’s head. Sheriff Matt Blackstone had an issue concerning bandits he was dealing with while Deputy “Jo” Parkinson “minded the store” at the Sheriff’s office.


The Wake at Hacienda De Vallado

Dramatis Personae:
Lyons Walrond
Jin Sho
Josephine “Jo” Parkinson
Gavin O’Donnell
Roan, Fae Leader of the Barbary Coast and a main antagonist
Chief Sewati, Ohlone Chieftain
Lee Chang, Chinese Apothecary
Ricardo Malvora, Vampire of the White Court
Various unnamed Tong Leaders
Ghouls including: Joe (the leader) and Virgil (the stooge) as well as other unnamed ghouls.
??? Lyons Butler

The wake is held at Hacienda De Vallado, home to Lyons Walrond and boarder/apprentice Gavin O’Donnell. The event only included folks of a supernatural sort or those in the know.
The evening opened well as Lyons invited in and greeted EVERY guest coming through the door. Lyons was a gracious host offering food and drink to everyone in attendance. An invitation the ghouls took a bit too far.

Roan approached Gavin and offered him a position in his entourage all the while extending back handed compliments and offers to help Gavin better himself. Gavin declined with an insult of “I’d rather be an untrained dog than to be your bitch” gaining a fate point.

Richard Malvora approached Josephine Parkinson, questioning her femininity and making general chauvinistic statements to which Josephine held her own against him.

Ayita mostly stayed with Chief Sewati and his son to translate conversations with dignitaries.

Lyons butler alerted him to the ghouls eating up most of the larder. Lyons brought the ghouls as well as some other guests out to the courtyard to discuss manners a bit, which pretty much went over the ghouls heads. The conversation turned to shooting werewolves with the ghouls when Jo offered a better solution to murder by subduing people or werewolves with her newfangled net gun. The ghouls were unimpressed until Joe convinced Jo shoot Virgil with it. Joe demanded Virgil subject himself to it. At first Virgil declined until Joe “ghoul-handled” him a bit. Jo used the net gun impressing the ghouls as well as the rest of the onlookers who thought it great sport. More chauvinistic insults were launched at Jo who handled them well, as well as at Virgil. “Ha ha. You got shot by a girl”, Joe teased him. After having tiptoed around the subject of werewolves, the ghouls flat out informed Jo that there was a pack of werewolves harassing their claims.

Ayita and Lyons spoke with Lee Chang. Lee Chang questioned Ayita at length about Biomancy and its potential controversy among White Council Members. Lyons agrees to use his contacts and arrange a private viewing of Emperor Norton for Ayita.

The tongs eyed Jin Sho all night and when Gavin initiated a conversation with Jin, a tong member approached and laid a black bag as a death threat at Jin’s feet. Sensing an insult, Gavin reached down to pick up the bag with the intention of throwing it back to the tong member. Jin snatched the bag up with preternatural speed before Gavin could reach it. Later Jin explained to Gavin that had he taken the bag, Gavin would have been marked for death.

The evening wound down and everyone but Lyons, Jin Sho and Gavin left the Hacienda.

Scene 3:

Josephine goes home.

Dramatis Personae:
Jo Parkinson
Unknown Antagonists

On her way home through the cool evening fog, Jo makes out the sound of multiple sets of footfalls behind her. Soon she hears whistling and short whooping howls as she increases her pacing. Through the darkness and fog, a bola flings toward her as she manages to avoid it. In an attempt to evade her pursuers, Jo drops a clockwork spider contraption that speeds toward her trackers and explodes in a blinding flash causing her would be assailants pain. Jo makes it home and her lack of femininity is again held in contempt by her father’s servant.

The next day…
Scene 4:

Burglary at the Trader’s Outpost

Dramatis Personae:
Chief Sewati

Ayita is woken before dawn by a child of the tribe and informed that the Trader’s Outpost on the Reservation had been broken into overnight. Ayita investigates and presumes it was perpetrated by Hesutu and his werewolf minions. Ayita begins to reset the wards on the outpost and sends a messenger to contact the Sheriff.

Scene 5:

Gavin’s investigation

Dramatis Personae:
Gavin O’Donnell
Unnamed Landlady

Gavin endeavors to go to the place of Norton’s death only to find a throng of mourners. He decides to go to the boarding house where Norton slept. After speaking with the landlady, he manages to get time alone in Norton’s room for the outrageous price of one dollar. Even after flashing his deputy’s badge! (Mike gets a fate point for saying “I’d charge my own mother a dollar” and Jesse adopting that Aspect. Good job guys, that was a funny moment). Gavin enters the room, draws a circle, puts down some cards as well as the acquired Emperor hair, burns some candles, etc. After drawing in the power with the limited time he has, Gavin gets a vision of the Emperor having dinner with the King of Hearts and the red One Eyed Jack. Norton is really enjoying his food as the conversation turns to the Queen of Diamonds. Norton becomes upset and storms out. He has a heart attack in the street and his walking stick crumbles to dust. Gavin wakes from his vision by being doused with cold water. He looks down to note that the cards in the circle are the King of Hearts, Red One eyed Jack, Queen of Diamonds and a crumpled King of Clubs. He explains to the landlady that he and Norton played a game called “Carbles” using cards as marbles as she runs him out the door. He goes to Lyons, explains what he did and together they try to piece together who the cards symbolized.

Scene 6:

Jo’s return path.

Dramatis Personae:
Jo Parkinson

Jo returns to the scene of her attack to discover a crumpled spider, some blood and a tree scored by a thrown bola. Jo extracts the blood because she knows fellow Deputy Gavin can do some weird things with just a little blood.


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