Joshua Edward Norton

Failed Businessman

Eccentric Beggar

Emperor of the United States of America

Protector of Mexico

Warden of the White Council

For over three decades, Emperor Norton the First entertained, bemused, and secretly protected the citizens of San Francisco. He first came to town investigating a string of strange cholera epidemics that had ravaged the local populace and banished the plague spirits responsible. Even then, he saw that San Francisco had a bright future and an amazing potential, should it survive it’s growing pains and various supernatural predations. He convinced the White Council to allow him to stay and live in San Francisco, guarding against Jade Court infiltration and the animistic tribal magics the displaced natives could bring to bear. And under Norton’s blatant protection, San Francisco blossomed into a true rose on the frontier.

Yesterday evening, the Emperor dropped dead, leaving San Francisco without a protector as it’s citizenry mourns the loss of one of their most colorful characters.

Norton guided the city into it’s Golden Age, who decides where it goes from here?

In The Emperor's Wake

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