Game Themes

Cultural Clashes

San Francisco is a giant melting pot of various peoples and cultures that don’t always get along. You have Clashes between the Asians, Europeans, and Natives. You have clashes between traditional mysticism and modern science. You have clashes between the wildness of the frontier and the relentless progress of civilization. And the supernatural community is no better. Summer vs Winter, White Council vs even older traditions, even Heaven vs Hell. Conflicts abound in this fair city, and without Norton’s presence, those conflicts are bound to spiral out of control.

The Golden City

San Francisco is a wealthy town, born of a gold rush and sustained by rich resources and ample trade. Although, that ample wealth has a dark side. Money has been called the root of all evil, and underneath the city’s gilding are dark shadows and predators galore. Anything can be found here, for a price, but is the price something a body can bear?

Blood of the Earth

San Francisco’s position as a powerful city is no accident. It was founded directly overtop the great confluence of dragon (ley) lines in the western hemisphere. Magical energy abounds in the city, which allowed Norton to ‘rule’ for so many years. Rumors stay he tied himself directly into the city’s nodes and nexi, becoming immeasurably powerful, but perhaps loosing some of his grip on reality. Those ley lines also manifest in the material world, often as veins of gold, jewels, or other precious minerals. Why do all of the lines seem to converge here and what effect does mundane mining practices have on those lines?

Game Themes

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