Character Creation

Characters will be built using the standard point allocation for Chest Deep Characters as listed on Page 54 of Dresden Files RPG Book 1 – Your Story.

Chest Deep
Base Refresh: 8
Skill Points: 30
Maximum Skill: Superb (5)

As a personal note, I would prefer it if no one’s ‘Killing Folks’ skills were higher than Great (4). I think the characters will be more interesting overall of people make their highest skill something more utilitarian as opposed to killy. If you want Weapons, Guns, Discipline, or Fists of Superb, you’ll need to make a really good justification.

Also, please keep in mind that I’m going to be tailoring the opposition to the PCs, so if the entire group’s average fighting skill is at 3, you’ll face the same sort of fights as if the average was 5. It’s just with fighting skills at 3, you can also be the world’s finest detective, cat burglar, athlete, con man, or whatever.

You also don’t need to follow existing templates. Just remember that no power in the Dresden Verse is free. If you play something unique, be prepared to explain what sort of drawbacks you face for your phenomenal cosmic power.

Character Creation

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