1880's San Francisco

1880’s San Francisco

Population: Roughly 250,000
White: 80% Chinese: 12% Native: 7% Black: 2% Others: 1%

White includes a small percentage of Hispanics.

Transportation: Cable Cars began running in 1873, but horses and wagons are still the most common form of transportation. Main thoroughfares are cobblestone, but most roads are still packed dirt and gravel. Sidewalks, where they exist, are wooden. There are many rail lines coming into and out of the city. While there are no automobiles in San Francisco, velocipedes (bicycles) have become a fad.

San Francisco is a massive port town. Steam ships are very common, although sailing vessels are still in use.

Mayor: Isaac Kalloch – Workingman’s Party, shot during campaign by Charles de Young.
The Workingman’s Party was born out of violent gangs that would attack and kill Chinese Laborers and their supporters.

Police Chief: Patrick Crowley, genuinely decent guy who does his best to protect life and limb. The police department in San Francisco during this time period is a State Run Organization and does not answer to the mayors office. In fact, Chief Crowley has already arrested 1 mayor during his tenure.

Chinese people continue to immigrate despite strong anti-Chinese provisions in both civic legislation and the state constitution. There are a lot more Chinese men than women in San Francisco.

1880's San Francisco

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